On hold

The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down the world and everyday life in the spring of 2020. Our public lives shut down indefinitely. Everything was on hold. Cultural life, institutions, professions stood still. No one could or would allow entry to stimulate curiosity, dialogue and opportunity in the same way. The world had changed.

Gydde Madsen and Suzanne Reitsma had the idea to explore the Women’s Museum in the empty spaces during the lockdown. They used simple grips and covered objects artificially to enlarge the momentum. The objects appeared isolated, separated and unfree. As most people did at that time. In this way objects and people appeared as a kind of community.

The viewer can consider what significance the lockdown has had and will have for the individual, for cultural life and society.

The docu-fiction contains 7 works. Idea, scenography and photo emerged during the museum’s lockdown period under Covid-19.

A co-creation with Gydde Madsen